Internal documentation of SAP Solution Portfolio.

Help to easily find a fitting SAP Solution for a specific Industry or LoB problem.
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Application designed & developed by tools team, now in the responsibility of a different team.

the brief.

Solaris helps to provide transparency about SAP’s Solution Portfolio to the customers, partners, field services and other internal stakeholders like development, portfolio teams, go-to-market teams, organizational units etc. Data maintained, such as Solution Capabilities per industry and product along the corresponding Business Capability, will be made available in SAPs Transformation Navigator, and elsewhere.

Documentation along Business Capability Models.

Solaris is a browser-based application used by SAP employees to document the SAP Solution Portfolio. The portfolio is structured by industry specific Business Capability Models, which represent a high-level enterprise architecture (HR, Finance, Commerce). Later in the consumption, it helps SAP customer to easily find a fitting SAP Solution for their specific Industry or Line of Business problem.

“The tool is a quantum leap in terms of usability and performance compared to former content management.”

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