Innovation & Feature Repository


SAP’s product innovation portfolio.

Let’s collect and connect all key data
teams info.

Shadab Shafiq - Product Manager
Aditya Bikram Pattnaik - Developer
Pallavika Nesargikar - Developer
Pavan Raghu - Developer
Ravi Suresh Mashru - Developer
Sandeep Kaur - Developer
Nikola Freudensprung - UX Designer

the brief.

What’s the next feature that we deliver to our customers by when? And which capability does it support or enhance? Trough which product our customers can make use of it? The Innovation & Feature Repository tool in an SAP internal authoring tool that collect and connects all data that are required to answer all these questions.

Maintained once - 3 publishing channels

Our main users are product owners and product management who do use the Innovation & Feature repository to collect and connect all relevant data that is required to create transparency and support the internal portfolio planning. At a late step in the development process the enriched data is THE basis for SAPs product innovation roadmaps.

A guided publishing process ensures the right data at the right time.


Regular usability surveys help us to collect end-user feedback and to measure our UX ROI


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